Women In New Careers

This is a complete life and career development

program that supports you through

  • your self preparation to make a good impression
  • information gathering through people and other resources
  • preparation of successful job applications and
  • living the dream in your working life


We are all at different stages of life, and this program allows you to pick up where you need to. You may wish to explore a “do it yourself” model and read about each of the eBook products below. You will be able to decide what part of the program you would like to start with, or you may want to work though the complete cycle.

Alternatively you are welcome to explore a more personalised and tailored support for your unique situation, and call our Career coach and counsellor to discuss the type of support you need. Click here to read about these tailored one-to-one services.

We wish you luck in your career development.


‘Do it yourself’ eBooks



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The Complete Career Momentum Program

Career Momentum Program with bonus expert interview

The complete set of four eBooks as described below, plus an inspirational bonus MP3 expert interview audio with dynamic tips regarding how to explore your perfect job and how to get it.


Part 1: Prepare to Impress

Prepare to impress is described for you in Part 1 of the Career Momentum Program. It involves getting yourself ready so that you know who you are, what you have to offer and what you want. You will work through how to develop a powerful first impression for the people you meet, and also begin to prepare a draft résumé to build upon for specific job applications.

Part 2: Explore Your Options

Part 2, Explore your options, has the purpose to uncover potential possibilities of interest for you, both in the advertised and hidden job markets. You will then begin to research your top options in depth. This takes place over three stages: collecting written information, connecting with people in a targeted way and setting up career experiments. This positions you to make informed career decisions.

Part 3: Stand Out in the Crowd

Stand out in the Crowd. The Job application process is described for you in Part 3 of the Career Momentum Program and I provide a five step process to a highly competitive job application campaign that will help you to stand out in the crowd. Techniques such as using simple phone calls and the use of important keywords are powerful tools in this part of the program. Several scenarios are explored, including being offered a position and times when you are not successful. There is important information offered here to help you to make use of your job application experience to move forward.

Part 4: Live the Dream

Live the dream is described for you in Part 4 of the Career Momentum Program. This part of the system addresses the transition as you create your new career identity, and develop meaningful professional relationships and find appropriate mentors. It explores how to maintain and grow your career, through pursuing your areas of interests and further study on your terms. It also covers aspects of how to beat office politics, develop your workplace political IQ, and maintain a positive mindset and focus on career growth.