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At Women In New Careers, we seek to empower you to move forward in your career.
We aim to help you with all aspects of career decision making, as well as preparing yourself to speak to people and to know what you want.  We assist you with preparing your resume, job search strategies and job applications, and we offer information about further education and course advice within the Australian context.

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Who Is Leanne Cleghorn?

The Women In New Careers, Career Change Aspirations blog is produced by Leanne Cleghorn, a working woman, who has experienced the challenges of career change herself. She has coached women of all ages to emerge wiht new energy to shape their career journey on their own terms. She has been a secondary teacher, a Guidance Officer in both primary and secondary schools, a teacher educator and careers educator in the tertiary sector, and a small business woman.

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If you are looking for career development support, you can ask a question to Leanne Cleghorn.

Phone number: 0409 492 854