How to stay positive at work

 This articles explain how to stay positive at work.

Keep your emotions positive

Positive Psychology research has shown that positive emotions increase your well being and performance at work, compared to reducing negative emotions. The elements of a workplace that can assist you to keep you emotions positive include having supportive managers, and an engaging work environment. A framework that consists of clarity if of goals and limits and expectations, as well as empathy and teamwork, and continuous learning and development, assist in the nurturing of a positive work climate. The result for you will be greater motivation, wellbeing, effort and customer service to others. However you cannot do this on your own – it is essential that leadership is open to constructive communication and team work for this environment to thrive. The positive environment has to be managed at the organisational level. Therefore, you could consider what you can do for both yourself and the organisation to enable positive emotions to dominate the workplace. Ultimately you are responsible for yourself and your well being and you can choose how you respond to your circumstances.

Craft your career storyHow to stay positive at work

Make sense of your career story as you develop awareness of who you are becoming and your new evolving identity. We all are many possible selves, so you could be aware of new insights in your self awareness as you grow into your role. Your career story has already evolved as you’ve worked through to this point in time. You began by awakening your heart’s desire, opening the window of possibilities for your dreams. You put your future into your own hands by stepping up and taking responsibility for your life and your career. You cast your net widely and explored your range of career options. You got out of your comfort zone to do action research, collecting information, meeting new people and crafting career experiments. You have heightened your self awareness and sharpened your focus on what you want from life by shaping statements to describe your sense of purpose and vision. You’ve already structured goals to support this new you. You have created your new skin: now you are growing into it.

Given time and perseverance, the success you seek will come. You need to work on being ready to take on new opportunities, through upgrading, nurturing valuable relationships, so that you can make smooth transitions when you know the time is right. Be aware of the new skills are you developing, and how you are maintaining a culture of continuous learning. If you are feeling boredom, consider what is one new step you can develop?


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