When the working dynamic changes

This article will explore how manage change in the workplace.

When the dynamic changes …

Stay alert to you feelings. Consciously we sometimes attribute how we are feeling to our situation. What kinds of things can impact on your dream job?

  • A change in personnel
  • An organisational restructure
  • Your duties are changed

Strategies to assist you to thrive and survive

Within the workplace.

At times when there is a challenging dynamic, consider ways for you to stay above the line that is, look at the ways that you can maintain your personal power and grow, rather than focus on the negativity of the situation. Use your strengths to work through the situation. Have you been in a similar situation before? What has worked in the past for you? What information do you need to better understand the situation? Who are the people who can assist you to have influence on the situation?

Resilience is the term used to describe how we bounce back in difficult situations. In the context of career development, there are several ways to enhance your resilience. Tap into your trusted mentors and people in your network. They will help you to see it through, and to be objective as far as is possible.

Negotiate and influence the way you would like your position to be. Seek out a win-win solution. If you are asked to move to a new location, consider ways to work remotely. What communication systems will work best for the desired outcomes? Consider flexible ideas that could make a difference.

If you are having relationship difficulties, who can you talk to about the dynamics? How can you develop your working relationships so that diversity is appreciated, and your goals balance with the needs of others?

If you are required to compromise your values, consider how you can compensate for this in some way, so that your mindset remains strong. Look at the way your colleagues are able to continue what can you learn from them? What do they do to keep their minds at peace while you are in turmoil?

Outside of the workplace.

What can you pursue outside of the workplace to find satisfaction and peace in your wellbeing? Can you progress your career by further study, or enhancing your interests outside of the workplace? While there is much to say about work life balance, my belief is simple. Get back to the basics – health, good food, time in nature to ground yourself and remember what matters. Get back on top of your well being so that you can handle the stressors of work. Balance itself is very hard to achieve, and life is more like a jigsaw – fitting all the pieces in to make a complete whole.

Revisit some of your favourite books, go catch a movie, take long walks on the beach or near water and forests. Eat in your favourite places. Spend time with people you enjoy being with. Consider that parts of your life that you are grateful for. Honour the parts of yourself that are special.

Next week we will look at turning points in our career journey.
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